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Situated on the Great Plains of the United States, Nebraska is a land of natural diversity and beauty. Tallgrass prairies gently transition to shortgrass priaires which roll into sandhills and then into rocky crevices. From the grandest and most scenic landscapes, to the smallest designs, to the wildlife that roam the open expanses, these are the photographs that present the 'Quiet Beauty' of Nebraska.

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Chimney Rock and The Nebraska FrontierA Nebraska EveningEbb and FlowCourthouse RockCountry RoadSolitudePre-Dawn Downtown OmahaI Said Hello, GoodbyeChimney RockCourthouse RockSmall RipplesMorning FlightNebraska Nature Photograph - From the HeartNebraska Scenic Landscape Photograph - Agate's Angry SunsetSpring IlluminationNebraska Landscape Photograph - Spring IntensityGilbert Baker SunsetDisplaying in the Morning SunGentle MeanderPurple Forest